PIZZA – Gangnam Style

OK – who here outwardly cringes every time they hear Gangnam Style?  Come on – show of hands.  I thought so.  Just about everyone.  In my case the cringe is accompanied by comments like “Seriously” or “Are you kidding me?  This guy again?” (and those are the nice comments).  This guy is everywhere.  In the stores, the TV – even in the freaking White House.

Now who here also finds themselves freakishly fascinated by this tune, and maybe even catches yourself doing a little toe tapping, head bopping or even the dreaded pony ride?  Yep – me too.  Although I would never admit it in public.

So here I am at lunch.  In Shanghai.  At Mr. Happy Pizza (by the way – if you ever get to Shanghai or Beijing and want a nice pizza – I highly recommend Mr. Happy Pizza.  I also highly recommend the mushroom soup).  My staff is with me and we are just relaxing, enjoying the conversation and the food.  Taking a well deserved break in the midst of the frenzied work day.  Basically lunch nirvana.

Then it happens.  The first notes of that annoying song blast out of the strategically placed speakers.

OMG.  Seriously?  Are you kidding me?  What is this?  Pizza Gangnam Style?

Then the most unbelievable performance starts.  I know that not one of you would believe me so I managed to snatch the phone out of the purse and catch a little bit on video.  The wait staff are prancing around the restaurant doing that Pony Ride move.  At this point I am LMAO.  Then the pizza cooks come out.  Well, have a look for yourself – just click on the link below.

Pizza Gangnam Style

Only in China.

And for my FB friends who got a sneak peek at this, sorry, believe it or not I accidentally uploaded it to FB.  In China.  Where you cannot even get on FB.  I have no idea how I did this.  Thought I was sending it to my computer.  Sigh.

I decided to make a little video of my complex from my back balcony.  Just to give you a taste of what it looks like here.  Every morning rain or shine the ladies are out doing their fan dancing.  I have to apologize for the finger in the camera shot at the beginning.  One fine day I will figure out all this technology!  Click on the link below and enjoy my morning!

Shanghai Morning


Had a really nice day yesterday.  Got up early, did some work and then off to Tianzifang to meet up with Janet and Peter.  Had AMAZING fondue at Glissmatten (yep – another gem in Shanghai.  Real Swiss fondue.  Be sure to try the classic chocolate.  Aside from the apples, bananas and the usual you also get dragfon fruit which I never thought to dip in chocolate but a complete oralgasm).  Did a little shopping and then off to the subway to go back home when to my delight I saw CITY SHOPS (western food market)!  Woohoo.  I had no idea there was a City Shops on Line 9 at Dapuqiao station.  This totally saved me at least an hour as my plan was to go home, drop off the stuff I bought and then hoof it to City Shops in Pudong at Liujiazhui.  That is around 15 minutes walking from my apartment each way.  But thank my lucky stars, there was one in the underground.  Unfortunately, this shop is not set up like the other one so I reckon I spent twice as much time shopping as usual – meaning – no saved time.  And of course I did not have my list so I forgot stuff like cream for my coffee.  And coconut milk for my curry.  But hey – Spargel Soup (asparagus) and a tuna melt later, dinner was done.

Speaking of cooking, those of you who have followed this blog will remember the famous box heist.  When my box of items was pilfered in the left luggage area at the complex?  You remember, I was so mad about the place mats?  Anyhow, one of the other things taken was my measuring cup.  I had brought one from the US in both cups and ML.  Again, those of you who have followed me will remember my skype with Peter trying to figure out how to use the paper cups with the volume of 455 ML to make my darn Rice-A-Roni.  Anyhoo – realized I forgot (again) to bring a measure cup so I asked Wallace where I can buy one.  He patiently explained to me that Chinese do not use measure cups, only a spoon, as Chinese have experience and do not need measure cups.  OK.  But this silly American needs a measure cup otherwise the risotto will be hard or mushy, the Rice-A-Roni will be a mess and I will have a nervous breakdown.  I went to the kitchen shop and as Wallace said, no measure cups.  However, I found a water bottle that has markings for both cups and ML – problem solved.  I was so happy I made hard boiled eggs over toast just so I could use my new measure cup to make bearnaise sauce (yes – I brought a bunch of Knorr sauces with me – you can take the girl out of the US but…).  There is a saying that goes “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  I have taken the liberty to rewrite this saying as follows:  “Westerners living in China are the mother of invention”.

This week will be crazy busy.  We have meetings tomorrow out at Tonglee – the factory is an 8 hour drive from Shanghai each way.  Wallace is trying to find a way to take the high speed train for part of the route to save time but not sure it will work.  BreakBulk Expo Shanghai is later this week.  I have a panel to moderate on Thursday – light topic – Dockside Liability.  Good thing I brought my maritime law primer with me.  Have to finish up my notes so I don’t sound like a complete doofus.  And lots of my global colleagues will be here so have meetings set day and night, which is actually really fun as I get to see so many of our agents and vendors from around the world in one place.

So I will say sayanara for now and get at it.  Next week – same time same place.

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